The method

Stuttering is not a physical affliction
The therapy of the Hausdörfer-institute for Natural Speech assumes that stuttering is not the result of a physical ailment or disability. Stuttering is seen as a problem in conviction and control resulting from fear and tension while speaking. The therapy is focussed on reducing this anxiety, on gaining confidence in speaking and therefore reducing stuttering. Unlike other therapies, there is no focus on breathing while speaking. Breathing is a autonomous function; it is unnatural to deliberately and consciously focus on it. Also, there is no attention to shaping your mouth while speaking.

Everyone can speak fluently
Every human being learned from early in life how to make (fluent) speech sounds. According to the Hausdörfer-institute for Natural Speech is speech nothing else but making and shaping voice sounds and therefore enabling everyone to speak fluently, even if you have always stuttered.

A stutterer can sing fluently
If you stutter, the believe that you can not speak fluently was reinforced from when you were young. An important cause for this is that people who stutter generally have a sensitive nature. The believe that can not speak fluently, results in feeling anxiety while or just before speaking, we call this speech anxiety. However, while singing most stutterers do not have this believe or lack of conviction. The attention is therefore fully focussed on the voice and on singing clearly. They do therefore not experience anxiety when singing and are therefore able to make fluent voice sounds. It is an important clue that the reduction of anxiety while speaking is of great importance for the reduction of stuttering.

When a stutterer is alone, he/she stutters a lot less or not at all
A second clue that the reduction of speech anxiety is of great importance is that when a stutterer is alone and cannot be heard by others, he/she stutters a lot less or not at all. You experience no outside pressure, you feel fully confident and you stay calm while speaking. You have – as the Hausdörfer-institute for Natural Speech calls it – speech tranquility.

Change your goal
As stutterer you find it very important to stutter as little as possible in all speaking situations. You are constantly focussed on hiding stuttering and on preparing yourself for future speaking situations. During the therapy of the Natural Speech Institute you will learn how to approach and handle speaking in a more natural manner. The goal is not to speak stutter free but to conquer your fear and anxiety while speaking and in this way obtaining speech tranquility. Stuttering less is the result.

Listening to your voice gives confidence in speaking
The highest goal of the Natural Speech therapy is thus obtaining and maintaining speech tranquility. The most important tool for this is the conscious listening and directing your speech sounds. It will give you the confidence in speaking and reduces stuttering as a result. Simplicity of this method is its strength. Many therapies focus on things you cannot do well, the Natural Speech therapy focusses on what you can do well, namely making speech sounds.

Become indifferent
The second tool for obtaining speech tranquility is an indifferent attitude in speaking situations; we call this attitude phlegmatic. During the therapy of the Hausdörfer-institute for Natural Speech you will obtain tools to build this phlegmatic attitude. Phlegmatic attitude increases by not avoiding and preparing for any speaking situations. By not demanding from yourself to speak without stuttering in all speaking situations, it will be easier to increase your phlegmatic attitude.

Increasing the “I can” belief
A third tool for obtaining speech tranquility is redirecting negative thoughts. These can be thoughts such as thinking that you cannot speak a certain word or thoughts with a negative self image. The Hausdörfer-institute for Natural Speech uses aspects of the Rational Emotive Therapy (RET) and other techniques to rationalize such thoughts resulting in improved attitude, calmness and therefore more speech tranquility.

Oscar Hausdörfer
The method of the Hausdörfer-institute for Natural Speech is based on the therapy that was developed by the German pharmacist Oscar Hausdörfer around 1900. He was a severe stutterer himself until he succeeded in liberating himself from stuttering. Later he established his Speech Learn Institute and devoted his entire life to helping stuttering children and adults.

Your own therapist
Using the therapy of the Hausdörfer-institute for Natural Speech you will become your own therapist; you will direct yourself by literally listening to your feelings. You will feel happier, and that of course is the ultimate reason why we do this!

Detailed information about the therapy can be found in the book “From Stuttering & Fear of Speaking To Natural Speech Following Oscar Hausdörfer” which can be ordered through this website. See the [Book order] page under The Therapy menu.