After care

‘Changing’ – or maybe even more ‘becoming yourself’ – is not done during the therapy but in your free time and in your own environment! After the foundation therapy of the Hausdörfer-institute for Natural Speech, three follow-up sessions take place whereby the theory is further sharpened and the possible problems converting the same in daily life are discussed.

Also, you can become active in developing self-help activities for participants of the Hausdörfer-therapy. These Hausdörfer self-help activities consist of self-therapy groups, self-therapy days and self-therapy weekends. The Hausdörfer-institute in the Netherlands has offered these facilities to students for many years unlike any other therapy.

There are different reasons to do self-therapy. The primary reason is to maintain and deepen your theoretical knowledge basis, which you obtained during the therapy of the Hausdörfer-institute for Natural Speech. Another reason is to actively apply, in a group setting, what you have learned and to discover that Natural Speech becomes more and more a part of yourself.

The therapy of the Hausdörfer-institute for Natural Speech has the potential to make people free from stuttering in a year’s time. The approach of the institute is focussed on optimally supporting as many people as possible to achieve this goal.