Do you stutter in all situations? Do you stutter when speaking alone?

You already can speak normal and natural, however not in all situations. The Hausdörfer-institute for Natural Speech offers the only therapy that acknowledges this basic but essential fact.

Most stutterers do not experience any problems while singing. Stutterers have retained the feeling that singing does not cause any problems. The same applies to situations where a stutterer talks to himself/herself or when a stutterer talks to young children or pets. We can therefore speak in two ways: a stuttering way and a natural way.

We teach stutterers to speak natural in all situations. We focus on removing the core of the stuttering problem. By removing the core of the problem, all symptoms will disappear automatically. Unconsciously stutterers as well as ‘fluent’ speakers stay calm in these situations and focus on the sound of the voice (speech sound).‘Fluent’ speakers speak Natural Speech and unconsciously follow the Natural Speech Law.

Natural Speech reintroduces the Natural Speech Law, changes your false perceptions towards speech and creates the path for lasting fluency.

Natural speech, happy without stuttering!

Always feeling anxiety when speaking; it influences your entire life. The Natural Speech therapy focusses on lowering this anxiety. You learn to listen to your own voice (sounds) resulting into speech tranquility. It will give you the faith in speaking and it reduces stuttering. Using this approach everyone can be free of stuttering, do not satisfy yourself with less!

The therapists of the Hausdörfer-institute for Natural Speech are self-experienced therapist who became free of stuttering using this therapy. Free from stuttering does not mean that stuttering is completely gone. Even if you are free from stuttering, you may still stutter in certain situations, but it no longer controls your life. Being free from stuttering means that you no longer experience speech-anxiety, that you speak normal and natural most of the time and that the occasional stutter does not bother or control you.

The Hausdörfer-institute for Natural Speech developed three therapies:

  • Advice and support for parents of stuttering children up-to 7 years old.
  • Therapy for children from 7 to 14 years old.
  • Therapy for adults of 14 years and older.

Time to conquer your stuttering?

You have probably thought about following a stuttering workshop or program many times. However, the idea of confronting your stuttering has stopped you from doing so. We all know the saying that fear is what you should fear most. What stops you from conquering your fear and tackling stuttering?

Fear plays a major role in our stuttering; the fear of speaking and the fear of stuttering is what makes us stutter. Take the first step in confronting your fear and register for a Natural Speech workshop. Most if not all participants have said that they dreaded taking part in a workshop, but were very relieved to find out that all participants had the same feelings. And that it was a great experience to follow the therapy and ultimately to overcome stuttering.

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