Stuttering prevention

Prevention of a chronic form of stuttering is possible by following our advice which is detailed in the advice package. Below, we will give some first advice:

  • Give the child the necessary attention when he/she wants to say something;
  • Focus your attention not so much on how the child says something, but more on what the child is saying;
  • Show understanding for your child’s speaking difficulties, when you notice that he/she is aware of it or is troubled by it, but do not give the problem too much attention;
  • Reassure the child if you notice that he/she is worried, for example by explaining that the problem is temporary and that it will go away by itself;
  • Do not give the child advice pertaining to speaking such as ‘think before you speak’, ‘take a deep breath before you start’ or ‘speak calmly’. The child will find out quickly that none of this advice helps and will find himself/herself misunderstood and alone with the problem. Since the message is ‘you’re not doing it right’, he/she will try even harder (and will have a harder time) to speak well;
  • Do not take the child to a therapist/specialist, because the child will become aware of his/her ‘speech’ or of a problem with his/her speech. Both factors feed the development of stuttering;
  • Last but not least: do not worry, because stuttering is in a starting phase and will only be temporary when you use our advice!