The Hausdörfer-institute for Natural Speech in The Netherlands mapped the results of her therapy of the past eight years using extensive surveys and close to 800 participants. Every participant completed the identical survey form twice: the first after approximately 4-6 weeks after the foundation session, and the second after approximately 1 year. Below you will find the result of this research. Click on the graphs for a visual representation of the text below.

The satisfaction survey used the following options: very satisfied, satisfied, unsatisfied, very unsatisfied. Before the therapy approx. 89% of all participants was unsatisfied to very unsatisfied about their speech. Immediately after the therapy, not a single participant was ‘very unsatisfied’, but more important is the result after 1 year: 20% was unsatisfied and 2% very unsatisfied. Before the start of the therapy, 50% was unsatisfied and 35% was very unsatisfied.

The fluency survey used the following options: much improvement, some improvement, little improvement, no improvement. 28% of the participants selected much improvement, 48% some improvement, 15% little improvement and 5% no improvement.

The confidence component of the survey used the following options for measuring the confidence that participants have in reaching natural speech: very confident, confident, somewhat confident, not confident. 28% of the participants is very confident that they will obtain natural speech, 45% is confident, 23% is somewhat confident and 3% is not confident.

With 85% of participants the confidence in their own speech improved, with 15% a little or not at all. Before the therapy, 95% had little to very little confidence.

The general confidence improved strongly with 32% of participants, 48% some improvement, 15% little improvement and 5% no improvement.

37% of participants never (or very few times) has speech anxiety, 54% of participants sometimes has speech anxiety, 7% most of the time and 1.5% always has speech anxiety.

Directly after the therapy, 99% was satisfied to very satisfied with their speech. This very high percentage is the result of the offered theory/therapy, in combination with the influence of the therapist/group, the ‘protected and safe environment’ and the four days of therapy that fully charged the participant’s battery. However, after one year 78% of participants is still satisfied to very satisfied about their result. The slight regression can be contributed to the fact that the influence of the above mentioned factors stop after the end of therapy: at that time, it shows whether the therapy/theory offers enough foundation to hold on to. Statistics show that this is in fact the case. Also it shows that positive results are obtained in a very short timeframe.

Other therapies

The survey shows that almost no one follows or is planning to follow another therapy. Many participants have followed other therapies before starting the Natural Speech Institute therapy. For comparison some data regarding therapies followed before the Natural Speech Institute therapy:

Speech-language pathology 88%
Del Ferro 26%
Doetinchems Method 23%
Stutter therapy 12%
Academic Hospitals 3,8%
BOMA 1,4%
No therapy 5%

From above data it may appear that the numbers do not add up. This is a result of the survey where more than one therapy could be selected. Many participants followed multiple therapies before participating in the Natural Speech Institute therapy.

The measured results indicate that the results after one year do not differ that much from the results after approximately 5 weeks; only a small decline is shown. From this, we can conclude that the Hausdörfer-institute for Natural Speech therapy can create fast and stable results.