Below you can read about experiences of parents, who together with their child have participated in a foundation course for children.

Tom (age 5)
When our son Tom was five, I started to notice more and more that his speech was not fluent (many repetitions, disruptions and avoidances). That I noticed it, and my wife a lot less was not very surprising, since I already stuttered from the start of elementary school. Therefore I can consider myself as a subject “matter expert”.
A speech language pathologist advised us not do anything and to not make Tom aware that his speech wasn’t fluent. In many cases, stuttering at a young age disappears by itself. We followed this advise. However, the stuttering did not become less but it increased. Ever more repetitions, disruptions and avoidances.
It became so bad that, more than a year after visiting the speech language pathologist, I searched the internet for other therapies than the ones that I knew. This is where I stumbled upon the Hausdörfer-method. After reading the information I contacted the Hausdörfer-institute and made an appointment. On the basis of the explanation, the reviewed exercise material and additional information that we received, we started working with Tom in a playful manner.
As a matter of fact, the principle is very simple: change the attention from your speaking to listening and directing your speech-sounds. Already after a few weeks, we noticed that Tom’s speaking was strongly improved. We kept up with the exercises for a couple of months after which Tom’s speaking was practically without repetitions, disruptions and avoidances. We then slowly reduced the exercises. Tom is now in junior high. Speaking goes well, he doesn’t stutter. In al those years he only mentioned once that he felt disruptions and I thought a few times this is not fluent.