Advice package

Here you can read about some of the many positive results that we achieve with our advice package for parents of young, stuttering children. By applying our advice as early as possible, you are able to properly channel natural speech in your child. All of our advice for pre-school aged children is directed towards indirect therapy. With this advice, you can – with great certainty – stop the development of a chronic form of stuttering. Chronic stuttering usually develops when a child first goes to school to learn how to read and write.

Paul, 2 years and 6 months old
Following what I have read on various websites about stuttering, I would like to receive some more information about how to guide stuttering. Two weeks ago, my son Paul started to stumble over his words. When the sentence is started, he does not have much of a problem, but now it happens more often that he cannot get his words out. Paul is now 2 years and 6 months old and he is a boy that could pick things up very easily from when he was young. He has a large vocabulary . . .
Two years later:?
It has been going very well with Paul’s speech for 2 years now. I recommend you with everyone who deals with stuttering. I would like to thank you for all the tips that I received from you at that time and for all the time and energy that you have put in our email correspondence.

Tatum, 2.5 years old
“Our daughter Tatum started to stutter a half year ago. It was there for a month and then it disappeared for a month. Then it came back and continued for about two months, after which it disappeared for a few weeks. Now stuttering is back in full force. It is worse then before. She gets stuck on the first letter of a sentence (mmmmmmmmamamamaaaa mama), but also in the middle of a sentence. She also repeats words (I I I, ten times) and she also uses ‘uhmm’.
Two years later…
Last year around this time was the last time that I was in contact with you. That was also the last time that my daughter Tatum, now age 4, stuttered. It started just before Christmas and continued for about two and a half months. She didn’t have any problems since and that when she became a big sister of twins. She experienced another major change: going to kindergarten. It did not come back and this is because of your contact and explanation and advice. Thank you very much for that!!!!

Ella, almost 4 years old
My daughter is almost 4 years old. She twice had a short period of stuttering: the first time when her brother was born, the second time without a specific reason. Since two weeks, she has a lot of difficulty speaking. She doesn’t get stuck on a word, but halfway in the sentence. She start for example with ‘I want, I want,’ etc. and does not get any further. It takes forever, and sometimes she gives up and says: I don’t know anymore, I can’t talk. Singing songs is without problems. What is best to react?
Six months later…
Ella is now 5 weeks in school and she did not have a relapse!! It has been going really well, which obviously makes me very happy.