Below you can find some reactions about our therapies:

”After years of speech language pathology and two Del Ferro therapies, I was sick and tired of speech therapies. During the past year I became more and more aware that stuttering got in my way. Besides that, I wanted to be able to read normally to my daughters. At that point I remembered that my mother once gave me an article about Natural Speech. I have read this again, and started to read up on it, and signed up partly because my boss pushed me to do it. During the first session, my eyes were opened and I discovered that I could speak without fear. In the first week after, I also discovered that it doesn’t happen automatically! You must do it all on your own but thankfully with the necessary and inspiring support of the therapist. After three days of therapy, I am convinced that I will become a natural speaker.”

“All those words in your head, all those sentences. Red underlining for words that don’t work, orange for doubtful words, and green for easy words. For more than 14 years, this happened in my head day-in day-out. When I was 8 I had my first speech therapy: working on difficult words, accepting stuttering, paying attention to breathing, several things I learned I also applied. Actually from that moment, I had no more peaceful moments in my head. A party, a presentation, getting a BigMac from McDonalds, all situations that I looked up against, before the moment creating such a high tension, that when the moment came, it felt as a . . . in my throat, I couldn’t. Through the website, I came in contact with the Hausdörfer-method. The whole method really appealed to me, making sounds, not being busy with the situation, because what is the difference really? Pure tension. At the moment that I write this, I am on my first day of the second foundation session. The feeling that I have now is indescribable. Listening to your speech-sounds, making stretched sounds, speaking is fun again, a challenge. If you think about it, it is so frustrating, it is in fact so simple, everyone can make speech-sound, every stutterer also, no problem. It is something that you must feel, must apply, must fall and get up, but always with the feeling “I can”! I can talk, I can say anything that I want, at any time and always! Really a wonderful feeling.”

After getting stuck literally and figuratively, I made the choice to do something about my stuttering. I started by attending a follow-up session of the Hausdörfer-course. The soberness, calmness and obviousness of speaking naturally appealed to me. At home I reviewed the material. I understood the method, but I actually didn’t understand how everyone was able to make advancements that quickly. Now I make those advances myself and I can call-up and maintain speech-tranquillity. I can hardly believe it. Is this actually possible? Yes, I say to myself and I think back to the past week during which I was able to maintain a high level of speech-tranquility. I am going to maintain my speech-tranquility with courage, conviction, and humor, in easy and difficult situations. And then I become freer and in this way I will continue my life!! I am very happy that I made this step and that I learned about Hausdörfer.

Some of the more than 130 groups that followed the Hausdörfer stuttering therapy in the Netherlands: