Stuttering adults

Do you experience a constant tension while speaking that is fed by fear (of stuttering)? The continuous speech tension and aggravation about stuttering has led you to the development of a highly sensitive disposition regarding speech. This has become your actual problem. The objective of the Hausdörfer stuttering therapy is that you will feel normal again when speaking, in other words that you will feel the same as a natural speaker when he or she speaks.

How do we work?
During the Hausdörfer therapy you learn to become less sensitive about what others think of your speech. You learn to maintain the natural law that applies to speech and soon you will find out that you can not stutter. This gives you a sense of confidence in your own ability to speak natural. In this way, the old, negative spiral is changed into a new, positive one, making Natural Speech normal.

How does it sound?
Most therapies use conscious changes in speaking patterns in order to speak fluently. With Natural Speech this is not the case: It is about redirecting your attention from ‘visual’ to ‘listening’ speaking. By applying an exaggerated manner to achieve this, you train yourself to become less sensitive regarding speech. During the Hausdörfer therapy, you learn to deal with your fears and to conquer them.

How long does it take?
As a matter of fact, you do not have a ‘speech problem’, but you developed a ‘sensitivity problem’. It is all about becoming less sensitive regarding speech. ‘Fluent speech’ and ‘sounding normal’ are a result of that. You can achieve this after one session, however you are not yet recovered from your fear and sensitivity. You can only conquer these in daily life. The Hausdörfer therapy gives you the necessary guidelines and with that an excellent foundation for becoming FREE from stuttering.

Other and/or supporting methods
There are other methods that you can use to become less sensitive regarding speech. You can achieve this for example by not avoiding a single speaking situation and by becoming indifferent about what others think of your stuttering. However for someone who stutters this a difficult task. In order to lower your thresholds and to learn how to think differently, we make use of Rational Emotive (Behavior) Therapy (RET) and Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP).