Parents of stuttering children

Dear parents,

When your child stutters, you want to help, but you don’t know how. Almost everyone will advice early intervention. However, early intervention by visiting a therapist may be counterproductive because the problem gets attention and the child will become aware. Doing nothing and waiting can also have undesired results since stuttering can develop into a chronic form. In order to control and redirect this behavior, we have developed an advice package that parents can use themselves. With this advice the natural and normal speech of your child can be properly channeled and a negative development can be avoided.

The advice package contains of a book and a telephone or internet consult that aimed at explaining the printed information. The package items can be ordered from the [Book order] page which can be found under the Therapy menu. The approach is to make the child aware of his/her own speech-sound. By applying this yourself, the child will automatically copy. Listening to your own speech-sound is in fact a natural autonomous function (every human learns to talk like that) and it creates confidence. Very quickly stuttering becomes less, until it completely disappears. From our experience shows that with young children (ages 2 to 5) this can be the case within several days and a few weeks. In exceptional cases it can take a bit longer.

After studying all information, you know what the situation is and you do not have to worry any more. Even that already has a positive impact on your child because unintentionally you transfer your fear and worries to your child. The explanation of Hausdörfer therapy’s Natural Speech is easy to understand, logical and natural. In the experiences of parents, that are described in the reader, you recognize your own story and you can read how they have guided their child to Natural Speech.

We hope to have helped you with this information, to guide you and your child towards Natural Speech.

Hausdörfer-institute for Natural Speech